The idea of Innovations


Innovation has become a major contributor to the improvement of our society. It has generated the development of contemporary medicines, increased our lifestyle spans and created fresh technologies which may have built our lives easier. However , the concept of innovations is far more than just innovations or technical changes. It can also include business models, processes and fundamental methods of doing issues.

The most typically known types of innovations include the improvement of existing products or services and bringing those to new marketplaces. These can end up being incremental changes, such as having a lighter version of an product, or introducing a completely new strategy to the market place like the iPhone. The latter is certainly an example of bothersome innovation, which may significantly change existing industrial sectors and create new ones. Airbnb, Uber and Spotify will be examples of corporations that utilized disruptive solutions to change the way people publication rooms, are taxis or buy music.

Other innovative methods involve using existing resources in new ways. For instance, companies are transforming the way they manufacture goods to be even more sustainable or perhaps use their particular supply restaurants to do more good in the earth. Spare Meals Co. converts food waste into new products and Loomia embeds technology in textiles.

Inside the context of technology, innovation may be a synonym just for software or perhaps hardware enhancements that make a preexisting product more effective or useful. But innovative developments could also include innovative concepts, for example a brain-wave-controlled wheelchair or an algorithm that spins speech into text.

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Gaudeix amb nosaltres del menjar tradicional de Catalunya.
Tenim una carta de plats que obre la gana només amb llegir-la.

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Sopar d’empresa

Si estàs planejant el sopar d’empresa i vols un lloc original, en plena natura, vine a Can Campmany.

Tenim menús especials per a grups i empreses, perquè gaudiu del menjar sense més preocupacions.

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Afanya’t i no tardes a reservar taula per dinar o sopar a Can Campmany. Truca’ns per telèfon o omple el formulari de contacte.


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